The Intervention Center (IC) is the 24-hour, 7-day a week centralized intake, screening, assessment and case processing department for all children referred to the Court for delinquency and unruly behavior.  Referrals come from a variety of sources including law enforcement, schools and parents.  The IC assists law enforcement by providing a place to bring juveniles who may not be released outright and allows the police officers to return to duty more quickly.  Regardless of how youths arrive at the IC, services are immediately available.

If a youth's case is to be filed officially, IC staff gathers more detailed information in a timely manner.  This can include a CrisisCare Behavioral Health Screen (BHS), any Children Services Division (CSD) information, a Dispositional Investigation Report (DIR), a risk/needs assessment (YoLSI), home or school visit, drug test results and hearing recommendations.  Throughout this process, referrals for services can be made.

The same information gathering is available for cases handled unofficially.  Such cases may be referred out for services including diversion programs, mental health or drug and alcohol counseling and/or treatment, work groups, individual and family counseling and mediation.  An IC Case Screening, usually scheduled within 7 to 14 days of referral to the Court, or mediation handles most unofficial cases.  The service provider to which a youth and family is referred, reports back to IC as to the cooperation, success or failure of the child and family so that the case may be closed or moved on for further action, as appropriate.  In addition, CrisisCare conducts Behavioral Health Screens on all youths admitted to Secure Side IC, and on others when appropriate, after which they may refer the child and family for a full diagnostic mental health and/or AoD (Alcohol or other Drug) assessment.  The IC conducts a uniform AoD Questionnaire on all face-to-face contacts with youths having unruly or delinquency referrals.  Based upon the responses, a BHS and diagnostic assessment may follow.

The IC also prepares the official delinquency and unruly complaints and case jackets, the sealing of records, and marriage and consent requests.  It conducts drug screenings, and is responsible for the Electronic Home Monitoring Program (EHMP). The IC is also home to the Care Coordination Team (CCT) that deals with youths ages 10 and younger and the DSO (Deinstitutionalization of Status Offenders) Emergency Foster Care Project (DSO/EFC) that can be used as a placement alternative to secure detention for appropriate youths.

The Intervention Center continues to be a successful working model, demonstrating how system and community wide collaboration coupled with openness to positive system change serves the best interests of the children and the community.

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