The Frank W. Nicholas Residential Treatment Center for Youth (NRTC) is a twenty-four hour, non-secure residential facility with a capacity of 22. The facility consists of two cottages, which house the dormitories, education program (Nicholas-Liberty School), kitchen and dining areas, recreational space and the administrative offices. The Center provides behavioral interventions for males, 11 to 17 years of age. These youth have been adjudicated on either misdemeanor or felony offenses, and they are actively involved with Montgomery County Juvenile Court’s Probation Services. The youth typically have not responded well to previous services and sanctions offered by the schools, outpatient facilities, or the Court. The program generally takes 6-9 months to complete, based on the progress and compliance of each youth. While involved in the program, the youth can expect to participate in family, individual and group counseling, as well as community resources, school, athletics and other pro-social activities.

NRTC’s mission statement is “to assist each youth in becoming a productive, responsible citizen, through diverse comprehensive treatment and rehabilitative services to the youth and his family, and to reduce or eliminate the youth’s involvement in the juvenile justice system.” The facility has been certified by the Ohio Department of Job and Family Services to operate a Children’s Residential Center since October, 2010. This involves annual visits by ODJFS certification specialists to ensure NRTC is operating according to guidelines set forth in the Ohio Administrative Code.

In 2012 the Court partnered with South Community Inc., an outpatient mental health provider in the Dayton area. This partnership allows Nicholas to have a part-time therapist available onsite to meet with the residents, as well as access to a psychiatrist who provides medication management as needed. This has enabled NRTC to broaden its already diverse program and ensure the behavioral and mental health needs of the residents are being addressed.

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