Meet the Reclaiming Futures Team

Mike Garrett, MS-Project Director
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Mike began his career with the Court 14 years ago as a Youth Leader in Detention Services. Throughout his tenure with the Court, Mike has served as a Youth Leader, Receiving Specialist, Court Service Officer, and a Traditional Probation Officer. He was promoted to a specialized Probation Officer with the Juvenile Cognitive Alternative Rehabilitation Effort supervising felony offenders and was later promoted to Probation Services Supervisor with the Resource Planning Program.

Mike is extremely passionate about working with families, volunteers and the community.  Mike received training from the University of Cincinnati on the use of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy in 2008. He has over five years experience delivering and implementing CBT strategies into case management.  Mike holds a Bachelor of Arts in Criminal Justice Administration from Columbia College and a Master’s Degree of Science in Criminal Justice from the University of Cincinnati. He is happily married to his wife of ten years and has two daughters. 

Brittini Long-Community Engagement Coordinator
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Brittini began her career with the Juvenile Court in 2000 as a Work Therapy Supervisor in Community Based Services. After completing her Bachelors Degree at Wright State University, Brittini was promoted into the role of Intensive Probation Officer working with female offenders. Brittini was instrumental in creating the HAALO Program, exposing at-risk youth to art opportunities in the community. Because of her hard work and commitment to the youth and families that she served, she was honored as Montgomery County Juvenile Court’s Employee of the Year in 2011. She is happily married and has two children.

Kelly Smith-Natural Helper Coordinator
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Fax: (937) 496-6883

Kelly began her career with Montgomery County Juvenile Court twelve years ago as a Probation Officer. Shortly after, Kelly was promoted into the role of Intensive Probation Officer and was responsible for supervising and monitoring felony offenders. Kelly has demonstrated a lasting commitment to working with families and volunteers within the community, as she has been actively involved with Reclaiming Futures-Montgomery County, OH since the inception of the Natural Helper Program in 2003. Kelly earned a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Psychology from Oral Roberts University, is happily married to her husband of seven years, and the proud mother of a two-year-old daughter.



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PHONE: (937) 496-6737
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