The JJC will be Closed Tuesday, August 4, 2020
Due to a water main break and subsequent boil advisory for the Downtown Dayton area, the JJC, at 308 West Second Street, Dayton, Ohio, will be closed. All other Montgomery County Juvenile Court facilities will be operating under current conditions.

Mission Statement
We are a Court of law dedicated to the task of upholding the Constitution and administering the laws of our land in a just and equal manner. We must strive to provide individualized justice for our children and protect our community, carefully balancing the interests of both. We believe there must be consequences for violation of the laws and that treatment begins with legal consequences. These consequences are intended to teach one responsibility and accountability for their actions. Yet our goal is not to punish but to rehabilitate whenever rehabilitation can be effected without endangering the community.


We are a Juvenile Court and, although protecting children is everyone's responsibility, we must be the catalyst in rallying the entire community toward that end:

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Judge Capizzi and Judge Wallace welcome you.

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